The following animation is an attempt to visually communicate the journey that students need to take in order to enhance their creativity and unleash their creative potential .  
     My early life experience led me to believe that creativity and creative talent is something that you are born with and it cannot be learned. My university experience helped me to discard this notion and rediscover my creative potential. The design thinking methodology played an important role in my development as a creative and a designer. This is why I believe it would be helpful to offer students the knowledge about the available tools to unleash their creative potential and boost their creative confidence. 
The Problem:
Young adults face the problem of being ‘educated’ out of creativity. Many bright minds can be suppressed by the reality of everyday life events, circumstances, factors such as the education system, culture, and the environments they are influenced by.
My aim:
To show the path everyone can take to unleash their own creativity. To give a basic guidance to students on how to deliberately embrace your creative confidence.

Secondary Research. 
The Process:
1. Collecting the data:
secondary research;
2. Creating the story
3. Storyboard and visualization of scenes
4. Animation

Secondary and Primary research.
The main Book inspired the project: InGenius written by Tina Seelig. 
My primary research led me to conduct  series of interviews. 1. Social Chain 2. Hyper Island - Tash Willcocks 
Selected Scenes
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